Past Projects

Bold Brings Home Silver & Golds At This Year's Advertising Awards

Bold proudly brought home 11 American Advertising Awards for work completed in 2021 for clients such as Toyota Manufacturing, Stovehouse, Redstone Gateway, Summit 7 Systems, and Dos Amigos Salsa.

The array of Gold and Silver awards taken home also include a Gold Award for the company’s first mobile app development. “We were excited to see that our work for Stovehouse won two Gold Awards for both the website redesign and new native mobile app,” said Founder & CEO, Lauren Gowins. “It’s a testamen

Bold chosen to lead the marketing & design at new Brewers Cooperative - A first in our region

The Long Awaited Cooperative Is Finally Set To Open In Huntsville & Guntersville

Huntsville, Alabama: After facing several pandemic subsequent construction delays, The Brewers Cooperative is set to finally open this Fall. A first for our region, the Cooperative was founded by two of Alabama’s oldest breweries, Straight to Ale and Good People Brewing Co. The joint cooperative will also feature Avondale Brewery, Salty Nut Brewery, and Druid City.

The Cooperative will be opening two locations thi

Social Media Experience

I have been managing social media for three years both in agency and in-house. From LinkedIn to TikTok, I have had the privilege of managing of wide range of brands, that has lead to very different content pieces. Whether it's behind the camera, directing the vision, or creating the copy, social media has definitely played a major role in my career. Please enjoy a few of my content pieces.

C. Baldwin Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel located in downtown Houston. The goal of this reel was to do a POV(point of view) from a guest checking in and then heading up to their room. This particular client wanted a very high level approach that was all about the aesthetic and less about the engagement. 

Perdida is a Mexican restaurant located in Washington Park Denver, Colorado that has a heavy West Coast influence. The goal of this video was to increase overall followers and brand awareness for both Perdida and the Halcyon Hotel. 

Park Burger is a well-known hamburger joint with serval locations in the Denver area. This reel was created specifically to drive foot traffic to their RiNo location. RiNo is the town's famous art district, so I chose to take a more aspirational artistic approach, in highlighting the murals around the area.

The Abercrombie Group is a small real estate team located in Huntsville, Alabama. They wanted to reach a younger target audience through social media, so we created graphics and copy to emulate popular dating apps. 

Straight to Ale, is a local Huntsville, Alabama brewery. While promoting the latest food and drink specials on social was a priority, there was always an importance to show the team's friendly faces. This TikTok/reel was created just to show how much fun the team has while brewing beer behind the scenes. (One of my favorites). 

Troy Construction is a forerunner in the oil and gas industry. They are located in Houston, TX but serve multiple projects all across the country. Copy and brand-guidelines were the biggest factors when creating their LinkedIn posts. I worked closely with the on-site team to ensure that every picture was within OSHA guidelines, and that every technical term was used properly. 

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